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Howard County communities will have opportunity equity for all children, especially those living in income-constrained families and who underachieve in school.


To provide enrichment opportunities that increase the numbers of income-constrained middle school boys who succeed in life by beginning with those most in need, and to scale-up the program to reach all middle school students living in income-constrained households.












Carlessia A. Hussein, RN, BS, MS, Dr.PH served as Director of the Maryland Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities for 10 years until retirement in 2014. In a career spanning more than 50 years, she has committed to improving the health of persons of color, those in poor health, and income constrained families. In retirement, she uses philanthropy to lift up children to succeed in life, with a focus on those in greatest need. Dr. Hussein continues to promote Health Equity through volunteer work with the MedStar Health Research Board, Howard County General Hospital-Health Partnership, Howard County Health Department, and community-based groups dedicated to helping communities thrive. In 2019, she received the "Promise of Health in Howard County" award from the Howard County General Hospital. 



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2023 Scholarship Awards to 67 Recipients

The Dr. Carlessia Hussein Scholarship Fund, in support from the Community Foundation of Howard County (CFHoCo), is pleased to announce that 67 middle school boys in Howard County Public School System have been awarded the 2023 Dr. Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarships. The scholarships will provide the children access to summer enrichment programs that encourage leadership, academic achievement, character development, expand problem‐solving skills and engender a sense of community. From 2016 to date, a total of 300 middle school boys have received scholarships.

All boys_2019Ceremony.jpeg
Scholarship recipients at the 2019 scholarship award ceremony held in Howard County.
Video Introduction of the Fund:

“I am proud that the Hussein Minority Fund is working to connect children with opportunities to learn and grow.”

              – Benjamin L. Cardin, U.S. Senator (September 1, 2018)


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