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Tuesday, November 30, 2021 is Giving Tuesday!

On this annual global day of giving, we unleash the power of generosity with people around the world coming together in unity and kindness to give their time, money, goods and advocacy to support communities, non-profit organizations and causes.

The Hussein Scholarship Fund is pleased to join the global community in celebrating Giving Tuesday. We, like many organizations, are increasing our efforts to support struggling families who are affected by COVID-19 and institutional racism.

Our target group, middle school boys of color who make low grades and are in income-constrained families, is suffering the worst during this ongoing COVID pandemic.

Here are some data points to note:

  • An August 2021 MAP growth report of nationwide data on student achievement found that a "COVID slide" occurred, like the observed summer slide, which significantly impacted students of color and those living in poorer families.

  • Reading scores dropped 3 - 6% points lower and Math scores dropped 8 -12% lower. Poorer students and students of color were disproportionately affected.

  • In Reading, Black and Latino students' scores fell between 4 and 10 points while White and Asian students' scores dropped up to 5 points.

  • In Math, Black and Latino students' scores declined up to 17 points, twice that of White and Asian students.

  • Mental health challenges have been noted among all children and highest among children of color.

We ask for your support for the Hussein Scholarship Fund. Please help grow the number of scholarships for summer 2022 by making a donation, sharing this information about the Scholarship Fund with your family, friends and colleagues; and by recommending the Scholarship Fund to your company's matching gifts program.

Giving Tuesday Fundraising- Nov. 30, 2021!

Help us reach 100 or more Boys with summer enrichment in 2022

There are about 900 middle school minority boys in the Howard County, MD system who are eligible (income & grades). My personal goal is to reach as many of them as possible. It costs each boy $350 to attend one summer experience.

Please make a donation to the Dr. Carlessia Hussein Scholarship Fund, consider:

  • $350 to sponsor one student for a summer program scholarship;

  • $175 partial sponsorship for one student for a summer scholarship;

  • $29 monthly recurring amount for one student for a summer scholarship;

  • Any Amount of your choice is helpful.

Employer Matching Gifts Accepted

Select “Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarship Fund” from the drop down Fund Name Menu

To Donate by Mail

Make checks payable to: "Community Foundation of Howard County"

On the check's memo line, write: "Hussein Scholarship"

Mail to:

Community Foundation of Howard County

6680 Martin Road

Columbia, MD 21044*

*New Address

*Please include a brief letter with your name and full mailing address to receive a tax receipt from the Foundation.

*All donations are tax-deductible

Please include a brief note with your return address to receive a receipt for tax purposes.


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