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Year-Round Scholarships for Middle School Boys


at the 

Middle Grades Partnership 

through Baltimore Community Foundation 

Why in Baltimore City:
With more than 50 years under her belt helping patients navigate the health-care system for better health outcomes, Dr. Carlessia Hussein wanted to apply those same skills to help young boys in Baltimore City navigate the education system. As a public health professional, Dr. Hussein saw disparities in health, education and income especially in Baltimore City.

When Dr. Hussein learned about Middle Grades Partnership through the Baltimore Community Foundation, she knew she had found a match. She was able to meet with the City Springs Director Kenji Jackson, visit the school and see students in the classroom.

By sponsoring students in the City Springs / Boys’ Latin partnership at the middle school level, Dr. Hussein hopes to change their trajectory. With increased opportunities, she wants to see the cycle of generational income-restrained families broken, which severely plagues Baltimore City. 

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