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My name is Jonathan Castro Lucero. I am a seventh-grade student at Mayfield Woods Middle School and I have received the Carlessia Hussein Scholarship. This scholarship provided an opportunity for me to participate in the HCPSS Summer Institute during the summer of 2019.


Do you like it when you know more than your friends when you go to school? When I started school, I was ahead of other students. The Summer Institute taught me many things to help me this year.


First, it gave me a head start on my subjects like Science, Math, English, and Geography.  Secondly, I got used to waking up early just like in school, and I made new friends. During the Summer Institute, they let me pick a sport and I picked basketball. That helped me develop some new basketball skills. I loved the program and I would want to go again because it gave me an opportunity to learn.

                                                                                                  ---Castro Lucero

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