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COVID-19 and HERD Immunity

by Dr. Carlessia A. Hussein


COVID-19 is here to stay. It has found a new home, earth with many people to feed on. That is what all life does. To survive this new living thing that shares our world, we MUST reach HERD IMMUNITY in every area, nook and cranny of this country.

The VIRUS'S battle plan is to reach the nose, throat, sinuses, windpipe and lungs. They love our lung tissue. It is an ideal place for their nourishment and reproduction, the purpose of all living things. Each person must launch a counter attack.

Our BODY'S response; the immune system fights back fast and hard. The attack is so great that some of our tissues are killed and vital organs damaged often beyond repair. HERD IMMUNITY is when 50% - 67% of the population is immune because A: survived COVID or B: was vaccinated and has an army of antibodies that can fight back and win.

TWO NEW strains of COVID complicates this battle. The new reinforced virus has learned how our human bodies work and has changed their attack to be more successful. COVID-19 Goal; to vaccinate 75% - 80% of human groups in each area of the country so that 4 out of 5 people we encounter is likely to have immunity. We can then raise a Victory Flag because COVID-19 has almost no safe-haven where they can survive and reproduce.

Let us EACH help reach Herd Immunity in the space and small communities that we move thru every day. Do it for our families, loved ones, friends and neighbors. It is not about us only, it is about OTHERS mainly. For those I love and care about and people I pass by everyday, I will get my second vaccine in two weeks.


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