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Seven Quotes Regarding

Dr. Carlessia Hussein Minority Scholarship

Fund Raiser


U.S. Senator Ben Cardin says "What a wonderful time celebrate and reflect on the many people whose lives you have touched."


Congressman Elijah Cummings says "It is my pleasure to acknowledge your birthday and passion for community service."


Congressman John Sarbanes says "Congratulate Carlessia on this tremendous opportunity that she has modeled on behalf of students in Howard County."


Chairperson Calvin Ball says "We (The Howard County Council" would like to celebrate Carlessia Hussein's passion and generosity for life, love, and education."


Dr. Carlessia Hussein says "I also am happy that Mr. French's art work helped visualize my message of the love and joy for giving."


Artist J. Carlton French says "I am so pleased that my series on the difficulties of communication has helped explain the passion and joy of giving through Dr. Hussein's Scholarship Fund."


Dr. Carlessia Hussein says "Thank you to the many people who have come out and donate to support this effort to aid young minority boys in Howard County."



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