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Helping Minority Youth Succeed

Very young boys born into ‘Generational Poverty’ face unsurmountable odds at avoiding school drop-out, incarceration and early death.  Employment often does not exist on their horizon. This is especially true for African American boys whose ancestral history and family assets were lost in the transition from Africa to plantations and the ongoing structural prejudices of today. For these and other marginalized young boys, early childhood enrichment opportunities are needed to help them find a path forward to success in life.  This program provides scholarships to young boys in middle school. The focus is on boys because males are severely impacted by poverty and marginalization, placing stress on families and communities. For these reasons, Scholarship Programs were established in Howard County, MD and in Baltimore City, MD.  This website seeks donations to build scholarships to reach young boys in need of enrichment opportunities at an early age of emotional and social development.

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